Tyres looking a little bald and worn? Get the driving control you need

A smart, eye-catching outfit can be let down by a poorly chosen pair of shoes. Cars are no different. When the rubber hits the road you’ll want to be confident that your tyres are offering the safety, agility and fuel efficiency you expect.

At S&R Motoring Services in Wellingborough, we stock a range of tyres from leading manufacturers such as Vredestein, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli and we’re always happy to advise you on the condition of your tyres and when it’s time to invest in a new set.

What you get with your mot

  • OFT and government-approved testing standards
  • Specially trained testing specialists
  • Helpful post-MOT advice
  • Car servicing and repair options
  • Friendly service and if it comes to it, a shoulder to cry on
  • Book your mot

    To book your MOT with S&R Motoring Services in Wellingborough, just pick up the phone and dial 01933 227 451 or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page

    Wondering whether your tyres need replacing? Get a grip and contact S&R Motoring Services of Wellingborough today