Grinding noise under the bonnet? Could be time to give your brakes a break.

The only thing more important than a car that starts reliably is a car that stops reliably. You want to drive with confidence and control. That means you need brakes you can count on in every situation, in all conditions.

Our team of friendly, helpful mechanics will check your brake discs, pads and fluids to the manufacturer’s specifications and recommend any repairs or replacements you may need.

Car brake servicing - here's the breakdown:

  • Brake pad check
  • Brake disc check
  • Full check on brake hydraulics
  • Get in touch to book a comprehensive brake inspection.

    Do your brakes need inspecting? Here's how to tell:

    • Grinding – That horrible grinding sound probably means the brake pads need replacing
    • Pulling – If you find your car pulling left or right when you brake there could be a problem with your discs or brake hydraulics

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